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Robinrobi Seo
Jun 20, 2022
In Business Forum
This past April Fool's Day, have you been tricked? For the product managers of the drama, as long as they think, every day is April Fool's Day, and the "mutilation objects" include but are not limited to old friend programmers. Programmers and product managers were category email list probably the protagonists of cats and mice in their past lives. Especially in the face of urgent needs, product managers can do everything in their power to hold back programmers category email list who are about to leave work. We ask a question every day: If there are 5 minutes before you get off work, and you receive an urgent need to work overtime for 3 hours, how would you fool him and let him stay and work overtime. Seeing this question, the little friends have played the upper body, let's see what wonderful answers they have contributed~ Everyday Questions category email list Featured Issue No. 133: In case of urgent needs, how to fool technology to accompany you to work overtime? Part of the content of the article comes from the wonderful answer of Meng's wonderful answer. 1. You category email list are the best actor in the Oscars Overtime, no one likes to hear the word. In order to make the programmers willing to stay and work overtime, they can only use the Oscar acting skills learned from Qiong Yao's drama to (dao) false (de) mess (tie) true (frame). The first step is to attract attention. In a position where the technology can see it, drop something (a mouse and keyboard that is close to scrapped is the best), and deliberately makes a noise. The second step is to set the background. Gradually approaching the position of technology, scolding the category email list matter of increasing demand, focusing on describing the time is short, the task is heavy, and I have other important things. Affection. The third step is to wither in situ. Choose the position category email list next to the technology, squat down, cover your face, scratch your hair, sob, and don't talk when someone taps your shoulder. The fourth step is to be emotional. Grab the hands of the technical brothers.
In Order to Make Category Email List Technology content media
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Robinrobi Seo

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