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Abdulllah Alamin
Jul 16, 2022
In Business Forum
USA" drop-down list, as shown in Figure 8. (A flag in the top navigation bar can sometimes mean "Choose a language or country", so I almost didn't click on it.) shade-landing Figure 8: The “Handmade in USA” Shade Store drop-down menu I click on the “Learn More” box and am taken to a page that tells the story of the company's manufacturing process. These “signals” help build trust and credibility that this company is indeed making its shades in the United States. (As noted, I'll cover content marketing in more detail in part two.) Cottage Blinds Moving from Blinds Chalet's organic listing to the company's homepage, I'm not immediately aware that the company manufactures blinds or roller shades in the United States. This is because first, the company is actually jewelry retouching service a reseller, and second, the homepage has a slider. While scrolling up and down the page looking for anything that said "Made in USA" the cursor moved and eventually landed on the "Made in USA" message you see in the Picture 9. chalet blinds Figure 9: Blinds cottage home page with slider ( It's for this reason that my colleague Rachel Cunliffe at Cre8d Design and I recommend that our clients not use sliders. If that hadn't changed, I would have missed the post and left the site.) The call to action on the slider reads, “Check out our full range of products,” along with a quick quote feature. I click to view the "full line" and am taken to the page you see in figure 10 - which is not a product line, but rather a definition of what is meant by "Made in the States -United". blinds-product-chalet Figure 10: Chalet
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Abdulllah Alamin

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